2015-2016 Academic Year Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies Applications

2015-2016 Academic Year Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies Applications

Applications to the 2014-2015 Academic Year Erasmus+ Programme Student Mobility for Studies have started. 

The deadline is 30th November 2015.

In order to apply, you must

  • Be a citizen of the Turkish Republic or an international student enrolled in a full-degree program at TED University;
  • Have completed at least the first year of your studies in your faculty (Students studying in the English Language School are not eligible to apply);
  • Have a GPA of 2.20/4.00 or over;
  • Have a proficiency level of minimum B2 in English. (if the host university has a language of instruction different than English, you must prove your level of proficiency in that language.)


How to apply?

You need to submit a hard copy of your

to the International Programs Office.

In your application form, you have to list the partner universities that you want to study. Please click here for the list of partner universities.

Application Period: 13- 30th November 2015

Selection Committee:

The Selection Committee is composed of Departmental Coordinators and the Manager of the International Programs Office.

Selection Criteria:

The selection of prospective Erasmus students will be done in line with the regulations of the Turkish National Agency. Accordingly, 50% of the cumulative GPA by the time of application and %50 of the English language score will be taken into account.

The English language score will be calculated according to the formula below:

(ENG 101* 0,5)+ (ENG 102*0,5)

Announcement of the results:

The list of the selected students will be announced online and also on the announcement board of the International Programs office by 7th December 2015. Please note that this list of beneficiaries will be tentative. The exact number of beneficiaries will be determined in accordance with the grant received from the Turkish National Agency.

Erasmus Grants for 2014-2015

The Erasmus grant does not aim to cover all expenses. It is intended as a contribution towards travel and living costs. The amount of grant varies from one country to another.


Country Groups According to The Cost of Living

Host Country

Montly Grant for Student Mobility for Studies (€)

1st Group Programme Countries

Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Irland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom


2nd Group Programme Countries

Belgium, Crotia, Czech Republic, Southern Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey


3rd Group Programme Countries

Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia



Students can waive the Erasmus grant and study at a partner university relying on their own financial sources.

Students with disabilities:

The Erasmus+ Programme aims to ensure that students with disabilities can benefit from the mobility programmes. Thus, additional grant is provided to students with severe disabilities. In the application form, the disability and special needs should be described and a detailed cost estimate of the extra financial support should be included. For more information, please get in contact with the International Programs Office.