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International Programs Office

International Programs Office (IPO)

The International Programs Office (IPO) plays a crucial role in ensuring that TED University's internationalization strategies are implemented effectively. The IPO is responsible for providing comprehensive support and services to full-time degree students, incoming and outgoing exchange students, and academic and administrative staff. The office has two divisions:

  • International Student Admissions Unit
  • Exchange Programs and Partnerships Unit

The IPO's primary focus is to develop and implement internationalization strategies for TED University to ensure that it continues to be a globally recognized institution. This includes identifying opportunities to recruit full-time international degree-seeking students who will contribute to the diverse and inclusive campus community.

In addition to recruiting international students, the IPO actively seeks to establish partnerships with universities and institutions abroad to facilitate academic and research collaborations. These partnerships not only provide opportunities for TED University students and faculty to explore new perspectives but also provide an avenue for the institution to showcase its strengths on the global stage.

The IPO also facilitates and supports exchange programs for higher education students and staff through the Erasmus+ Programme at TED University. Erasmus+ encourages students and staff to gain international experience and broaden their horizons by studying or working abroad. The IPO works closely with students and faculty to ensure that they have access to the necessary resources and support to make the most out of their exchange program experience.

Overall, the IPO's efforts are critical in ensuring that TED University remains a globally competitive institution that provides students with a well-rounded education and prepares them to thrive in an interconnected world.