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Discover Ank❤ra

Capital City of the Turkish Republic

Ankara is the capital of Turkey, located in the center of Anatolia at an altitude of 850m. The region has been a historical crossroads of migratory streams and major trade routes. Throughout history, Ankara has been an important cultural, commerce and arts center and a major stop along the Silk Roadbetween East and West. After becoming the capital of Turkey in 1923, Ankara transformed from an ancient Anatolian town to a modern city hosting politicians, government officials, and foreign diplomats. Ankara is the second largest metropolitan city in Turkey with a population of 5.7 million. It is also Turkey's most livable city and the heart of policymaking, education, health, trade, and technology.

Arts and Culture 

Ankara is a hub for various performing arts, including opera, ballet, jazz, and modern dance. It is also home to the prestigious Presidential Symphony Orchestra and many theatres that stage ambitious productions. The city has a plethora of public and private galleries, and exhibitions are held at the Atatürk Cultural Centre. Ankara has many cinemas that showcase the best Turkish and foreign films, and there are several film festivals throughout the year, notably the International Film Days in March. In April and May, the city hosts the International Arts and Music Festival, featuring performances by the finest Turkish and foreign musicians.

Social Life

Ankara has a lively social scene thanks to its young population and numerous universities. The city boasts many cafes, restaurants, and clubs, particularly on 7th Street in BahçelievlerTunalı HilmiBestekarFilistinTunusSakarya and Park StreetsGaziosmanpaşa is one of the liveliest districts in Ankara, home to many premium restaurants and clubs. Its proximity to foreign embassies and international organizations makes it a vibrant, 24-hour living place.

Tunalı Hilmi and Bestekar Streets are the main attractions for the city's young population. Most university students choose this area for its wide variety of food and shopping options. Kızılay is the heart of the city with many attractions. Its central location makes it easily accessible by transportation, drawing people from all over to enjoy plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants.


In Ankara, Kızılay is considered the city center and is home to all rail systems with different directions of passage. EGO is the acronym for public bus transportation. You can purchase an AnkaraKart, which is a multiple-use card, at most newspaper kiosks, EGO booths, and Metro stations.

As a student, you can apply for the AnkaraKart discount by providing your student certificate and foreign ID number (Residence Permit). With the AnkaraKart, you'll have easy access to all of Ankara's public transportation services, including buses, metros, and rail systems.

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