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Placement Results - 2024/25 Erasmus+ Studies

Dear Students,

The placement results for the 2024-2025 Academic Year Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies are now available here.

Kindly check your status and the explanations:

  • Participant (Erasmus+ Grant): Students entitled to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme with a grant in the main list. These students will be directly nominated to the Receiving Institutions. Students who want to withdraw from their mobility must submit their petition by 19 April 2024 (Only for the 2024 Fall Semester Exchange).
  • Participant (Erasmus+ Zero Grant): Students entitled to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme without a grant in the reserve list. To be considered for nomination to the Receiving Institutions, these students must submit a petition by 19 April 2024 expressing their intention to participate without a grant (Only for the 2024 Fall Semester Exchange).
  • Not Placed: Students who can not be placed due to the mobility quotas and their list of choices of Partner Universities.

Please be informed that we only accept electronic submissions for petitions or request forms. We kindly request that you refrain from submitting physical copies. We will only accept scanned copies of your documents, so please ensure they are in a suitable format. Please direct all submissions to

We have received no applications from the Departments of Mathematics, Political Science and International Relations and Civil Engineering. Accordingly, the remaining quotas were distributed to the departments that received the most applications within the same faculty as follows:

  • From Mathematics to Psychology (+1)
  • From Political Science and International Relations to Economics (+1)
  • From Civil Engineering to Computer Engineering (+1)

All participants must attend the Erasmus+ Studies Orientation Meeting on 8 May 2024. The meeting venue and time will be shared with you later on. An Orientation Meeting for the Spring Semester participants will be organized during the Summer Semester.

The nomination process for the 2024 Fall Semester participants will take place between mid-April and early May. Participants for the 2025 Spring Semester will receive notifications before September. Please check your emails regularly for any information regarding your application to the Receiving Universities.

Congratulations and thank you for your patience.

International Programs Office