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Placement Results - 2023/24 Erasmus+ Staff Training

Dear TEDU Members,

The placement results for the 2023-2024 Academic Year Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training are now available here.

Kindly check your status and the explanations:

  • On a Main List: Staff members entitled to participate in the Erasmus+ Training Mobility with a grant in the main list. Staff members who want to withdraw from their mobility must submit their petition by 3 May 2024 (Only for the Participants on the Main List).
  • On a Reserve List: A place on a reserve list means that you fulfilled the requirements for the Erasmus+ Training Mobility, but considering the funded quotas available, your score among the applicants was not enough. These staff members are entitled to participate in the Erasmus+ Training Mobility without a grant in the reserve list.

Please be informed that we only accept electronic submissions for petitions or request forms. We kindly request that you refrain from submitting physical copies. We will only accept scanned copies of your documents, so please ensure they are in a suitable format. Please direct all submissions to

Congratulations and thank you for your patience.

International Programs Office