Tuition Fees:


Tuition Fees (8% VAT included)


English Preparatory Class

$12.500/ year

1 Year

Undergraduage Programs

$12.500/ year

4 Years


Graduate Programs



Engineering Management

$8.000/ program

18 months

Interactive Systems

$8.000/ program

18 months

Management in Educational Institutions

$6.000/ program

18 months

Fee for repeating a course (per semester)



*Merit based tuition fee scholarships up to 50% are available for undergraduate programs.

** Merit based tuition fee scholarships up to 25% are available for graduate programs.


Cost of accommodation at TEDU dorms 

 (Breakfast & Dinner are included in prices and all rooms have private bathroom.)


Quadruple Room (per person)

Triple Room (per person)

Double Room (per person)

Single Room

2016-2017 academic year (9 months)






Living expenses:

TED University provides private medical insurance and offers free lunch to all full-time international students.

Food costs: $200-$250 per month.

Transportation costs: $50-$100 per month.

Miscellaneous (entertainment etc.): $100-$150 per month.