General Documents

Regulation for International Student Applications, Admissions and Registrations to Undergraduate Programs (Turkish)

International Full-Time Students

Application Form

Erasmus+ Documents

Erasmus Charter 2013-2014

Erasmus+ Charter

Erasmus Policy Statement (2014-2021)

2015-2016 Erasmus Uygulama El Kitabı

2016-2017 Erasmus Uygulama El Kitabı 

Erasmus Student Charter (EN)

TEDU Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreement Format
      Annex A: TEDU 
      Annex B: Partner

ISCED Codes for Subject Areas

NACE Codes for Sectors 

ISO Language Codes

Student Mobility

Incoming Students

Application Form (2016-2017)

Outgoing Students

Form to be completed for grant agreement & THY campaign

Mobility for Studies

            Application Form (2016- 2017)

            Learning Agreement (2015-2016)

            Learning Agreement (2016-2017)

            Certificate of Attendance (2015-2016)

            Certificate of Attendance (2016-2017)

            Course Equivalency Form (Ders Denklik Formu) (Before Mobility)

            Course Change Form (Ders Değiştirme Formu)  (During Mobility)

            Course Recognition Form (Ders Saydırma Tablosu)  (After Mobility)

            Semester Extention Request

            Semester Change Request


Mobility for Traineeship

            Application Form (2016- 2017)

            Sample Acceptance Letter

            Learning Agreement (2015-2016)

            Learning Agreement (2016-2017)

            Certificate of Attendance (2015-2016)

            Certificate of Attendance (2016-2017)

            Traineeship Recognition Form (After Mobility)

Staff Mobility

Guidelines for outgoing staff

Teaching Mobility

      Teaching Programme

      Application Form

      Certificate of Attendance

Training Mobility

      Training Programme 

      Application Form

      Certificate of Attendance