2016-2017 admissions are now open!


TED University now welcomes international students and offers them an unique higher education experience with its student focused approach, commitment to quality and ethics, strong local and international networks, diverse student body and top quality academic staff.

At TEDU, you

Find Opportunities to:

  • Choose from a large selection of elective courses in Arts and Sciences;
  • Self-actualization;
  • Decide on your primary field after you get acquainted with different disciplines;
  • Learn with innovative teaching pedagogies;
  • Study at the heart of the Turkish capital, Ankara;
  • Join the distinguished network of a century old education institution;


Get Inspired by:

  • Engaging in civic activities;
  • Volunteering in social innovation projects;
  • Taking part in international programs;
  • Experiencing democracy and joining the student union;
  • Involving in student societies and having a say in the university administration;
  • Participating in a wide range of sports and cultural activities;
  • Living in a new country, which is located at the crossroad of thousands-year-old civilisations;
  • Discovering the Anatolian culture and its colours; 


Experience Quality Education through:

  • A commitment to learning excellence;
  • The emphasis on liberal arts education, which provokes your intellectual curiosity and love of learning;
  • A balanced focus on both the depth and breadth of knowledge.
  • The medium of instruction in English without any exceptions;
  • Quality assurance as the utmost priority;


And become creative, critical-minded, self-confident and well-rounded life long learners. 

Go International, Study at TEDU!

Apply Now! The deadline is 15th August 2016!